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Removing Viruses

Computer viruses are programs copies itself into computer documents or computer programs.  A computer virus expands it function by transferring itsself to other documents and programs on your computer.  Is some cased a computer virus may take over your email and send infected programs and files to members in you email address book. 

There are several FREE virus removal programs that do a good job of cleaning computer viruses but I prefer using the free version of the AVG anti-virus program.  I personally use the commercial product F-Prot that costs $50.00 per year and allows me to license the product on up to 10 computes.  Note:  Be sure to download the free version of AVG.

Try removing viruses in normal mode, however you may need to boot up in safe mode to clean some virus infections.  Just depress the F8 key while booting up and follow the screen prompts.  After booting up in safe mode run your anti-virus program.




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