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Removing Spyware


Spyware is malicious software designed to take partial or complete control of your computer.  This is done without your consent and in some instances may place you computer in a non functioning condition.

Symptoms include:  super slow computer operation, overwhelming amount of popup screens and/or unwanted programs running on your computer.

Several software programs are available FREE that do a good job of cleaning Spyware.  Commercial products are available as well but I prefer using the free products.  I have had good success with the following programs listed below.  Note:  Be sure to download the free versions.

Try removing the Spyware in normal mode, however you may need to boot up in safe mode to clean some Spyware infections.  Just depress the F8 key while booting up and follow the screen prompts.  After booting up in safe mode run your anti-spyware program.

Microsoft Antispyware

Lavasoft Ad-aware



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